One Video Game is Creating A Better World - 6 Million Good Deeds Performed Unleashes Funds for Life Saving Children’s Surgeries

PHILADELPHIA – January 7, 2013 –

ToonUps today announced that their goal of reaching six million good deeds in their Facebook game, A Better World by January 1st was accomplished on December 31st, releasing the funds to provide life-saving surgeries for three babies suffering from Hydrocephalus. Three children: Sylas Oola, Maureen Ageno, and Sharon Apio are now being treated thanks to the players of A Better World at CURE International hospital in Uganda.


“Many people are pointing fingers at violent video games, in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, so we think it’s important to let people know there are video games that are doing a great deal of good in the world,” said MarySue Hansell, COO of ToonUps. “Parents, teachers, and all people need to understand that there are alternatives and vehicles that use technology for good.” 


ToonUps will fund medical operations through CURE International for the three children that might otherwise never receive the medical attention they require. “Without treatment, up to 6 in 10 people with hydrocephalus will die, and those who survive have varying amounts of intellectual, physical, and neurological disabilities,” noted Joel Worrall, vice president of  “Playing a fun game is a simple way people with or without financial means can help others and feel better about themselves. We’ve done a series of campaigns with A Better World. We helped ten children to walk for the first time and they sent over 50,000 get well wishes from their players to children in our hospitals.”


In the campaign which began on November 5th, 2012, players of A Better World did good deeds in the real world and posted those deeds in various sections of the game. Players also express gratitude; report acts of kindness, send love, say prayers, and share their hopes and dreams. Deeds were as simple as holding a door for someone with packages to helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.


About CURE is a non-profit organization that operates hospitals and programs in 20 countries since 1998 for more than 100 million physically disabled children. Patients receive surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or ability to pay. 

About ToonUps
ToonUps is a digital entertainment company whose mission is to create online games and apps to brighten the world. ToonUps has created a rich array of products designed with the purpose of uplifting people through optimism, altruism and fun. From social gaming to business training, their innovative content brings these core themes to a variety of markets. ToonUps is headquartered in Wayne, PA.


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