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A Better World

A Better World is a Game Where All Good Deeds Get Rewarded! In A Better World, You can Express Gratitude & Send Positive Thoughts, Customize your Look & Decorate your Own House, Visit your Friends in the Village & Give Wonderful Gifts, and Play Fun Games like ThreeCycle & Thump-A-Thought.

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Business Products


ToonUp Coach

We all know meetings can go on forever and training can go in one ear and out the other. And boredom and indifference don't pay the bills, my friend!

Our concept is this: first you laugh, and then you learn. Humor puts us in an open state of mind and makes us more receptive. Make sure your training lesson and meeting content is heard and retained! Our product combines the fun and excitement of cartoon animation with tried and true business messages and memorable tips.

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Prosumer Products


ToonUps Presentation

According to the ancients, power corrupts and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely. With everyone using some kind of digital presentation tool these days, how can you make sure your message is heard and your face remembered?

With Toons, that's how! Share the burden of giving presentations with our Co-Stars—fun cartoon characters that have a lot to say. They aren't shy about telling you what they think of your presentation, your audience, even you! Spruce up your slides with our fun themes, templates, and backgrounds and make your presentation memorable!

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